Excessive Blood pressure is the measure of force towards arteries. Do you may have high blood pressure? Have you learnt what are common symptoms and signs of high blood pressure? This text provides you with comprehensive information about frequent indicators and symptoms of excessive blood pressure.

Usually people ignore high blood pressure. Even those who take medicine, solely take anti hypertensive medication for short time. Studies have proved that 90% of high blood pressure sufferers show non compliance with their medication. If you'll not management your blood pressure it may result in critical issues along with your Coronary heart, Kidneys, Mind and Eyes. If you wish to save these very important organs , then you'll have to control your blood strain with in limits.

Normal blood stress is a hundred and twenty/80. If this studying goes above one hundred forty/90, then you definitely think about your self as a hypertensive patient. Between one hundred twenty and a hundred and forty is a pre hypertensive stage. which can be managed even by pure measures like train, low salt intake, quit smoking, decrease ldl cholesterol, eat vegetables etc.

How will you come to know that you've got high blood pressure? High blood pressure usually has no symptoms in any respect, that's the reason we will call it as Silent killer. Though there are a lot of coincidental signs that are broadly believed to be associated with excessive blood pressure. These include headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, a flushed face and fatigue. Although people with hypertension could have many of these symptoms, they occur simply as ceaselessly in those with normal blood pressure. Why these signs occur, If a person has hypertension that is extreme or longstanding and left untreated, symptoms such as headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, restlessness, and blurred vision can occur because of harm to the mind, eyes, heart and kidneys. In uncommon cir[censored] stances, high blood pressure may cause mind swelling, which may result in drowsiness and coma.

Briefly Hypertension has following 10 widespread symptoms. headache Nosebleed (Epistaxis) Breathlessness tinnitus(Ringing in Ears) sleepiness, Ansomnia confusion Fatigue profuse sweating vomiting low libido or lack of sexual desire Blurred imaginative and prescient

You probably have not above symptoms, it doesn't mean that you have no high blood pressure. Bear in mind most common symptom of excessive Blood strain is that " It Has No Symptom". Best approach to hold you healthy is to have your blood strain checked at regular intervals. Want you all the nice health.

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