It's effortless to get your dog to come every time you call if you follow the rules explained below.

1. Coming on command should signify that your dog will have a wonderful event every time.

Don't use the "come" command to call your dog when you want to chastise him. If there are going to be any ramifications, you need to go to your dog, not call him.

Don't use the "come" command to call your dog for any reasons he won't like. Dogs that hate a bath or having their nails cut must never be called for these procedures with the "come" command.

2. Coming on command must be a rewarding encounter.

Encourage your dog by using a reward he really likes, like a favorite toy, play or a treat at the start. To educate your dog to come all the way to you, bring in the reward closer to you as he approaches.

Make your dog comes in close to you to collect the reward. Get a firm grip on your dog before handing over the reward.

Slowly reduce the expected reward so that in the end your dog will come for a verbal or physical reward like a massage.

When face to face with an emergency, you may not be able to offer a food or treat reward as an inducement. Safety issues could well mean that you need your dog to come when he knows you don't have a treat.

3. If you are teaching your dog to "come" you need to be able to see to it that he does in fact come to you.

Permitting a dog to disobey your commands, trains him to ignore you.

Educating your dog to "come" in an enclosed area is a good idea to begin with. Attempt to get your dog to come with out the leash, a time or two in the beginning. You will finally be training your dog to "come" with out the aid of the leash.

Use your dog's name, then when he makes eye contact say "come". Commence to back away from him. Your dog will probably follow you. Call excitedly, heaping praise on him until he is near enough to grip his collar.

Now you can give him something he really likes and animatedly praise him. Move away from him, and repeat the lesson until he understands. Keep the education sessions brief, so that you keep your dogs interest.

If after the first few times, if your dog doesn't come or you can't get him near enough to take hold of his collar. The use a leash to educate you dog to come.

Start again, calling your dog's name and using the "come" command. As you call your dog, gently pull on the leash guiding your dog towards you.

Don't use the leash to pull your dog in, just direct him to you with gentle pressure, so that he learns what you want.

You'll have your dog coming on command in no time if you use the three easy steps explained. When you have trained your dog to come every time you call, you'll be able to ensure that he is safe in any circumstances.

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